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RoomDeco AI empowers house buyers, sellers, real estate agents and interior designs to transform interior design within seconds.


Simutherapy provides AI-powered therapy to thousands in need: 24/7 availability at an affordable price.

In cooperation with Simuhuman.

App Services

Complete solutions to develop your prototype, MVP or full AI app.

AI XP LAB can provide you with advice, vetting and hands-on support or full-fledged development of AI-based applications.

Most clients hire AI XP LAB for in-depth consulting on company AI strategy and vision, or to help deploy prototypes, MVPs or SAAS-based web apps.

Holistic analysis

Industry know-how

Team & Strategy vetting

Rapid development

A.I. Services

Hassle-free training, fine-tuning and implementation of cutting edge A.I. models

AI XP LAB will train, fine-tune and help apply A.I. models so you can worry about the rest of your challenges.

Most clients hire AI XP LAB for in-depth consulting on which models to use or how to customize and implement them, or simply to help deploy them.

Case analysis

Training know-how

Model benchmarking

Rapid deployment

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